College scholarships and grants for creative students.

The Resume Companion is an industry located in the US based. This industry is the leader in resume services. Since 2008, they had help tens of thousands of job seekers so they could improve their resume, allowing them to make the next step in their career.

Naturally, some of the humblest CVs they see come from online colleges students. With little to no professional experience, these online universities students sometimes fight to build a significant and full document that will help them transition into a career, post academia. However, there are many things to consider about before tagging a CV into a poorest one, for example: Does the person had part time or volunteer work? Does the candidate was part of Internships programs or online degree programs?  Does the person have sporting achievements or certifications? Does the person count with academic achievement & qualifications?

This college scholarships and grant program is perfect for the online college student population that thinks about CVs at an early period, confirming they have practice in this essential area of career progression (even with their online universities degrees), before they head into the professional world.

Before July 15, the Resume Companion will be accepting entries from online degree students to win a $1,000 grant. The online colleges applicants must be current full-time undergraduate or graduate students of an online univeristy, or high school seniors who will graduate this semester and enroll in a full-time online degree program in college.

To win this scholarship every applicant is needed to create a CV based on a fictional or non-fictional character from TV, history, literature or myth. The e-mail must have the applicant personal info: his/her name, college or university he/she is attending or desiring to attend at least.

Are you the friend that is always helping your classmates to get a better CV? Are you telling them to do some courses to get more skills to put into practice on their professional paths? This is college scholarship and grant program is the perfect opportunity you will ever have because the only thing you have to do is to create the perfect CV for somebody else.

Think in a relevant character, it can be someone from a TV Show like Ellen Degeneres, or a professional chef from a cooking show, where do you imagine the had done with their academic, or professional lives? Do you think they were volunteers? Do you think they are still doing courses to get better opportunities on their areas or they are just working to get more experience on this workforce?

Is optional to you and you must use all you creativity into this, is important that you don’t create a CV about yourself.

25 thoughts on “College scholarships and grants for creative students.

  1. I have Bsc In Construction Technolgy And Managment at Thi Time I want Up Grade My Educational Level In Masters Program So If You Have Aplace For Me Please!!

  2. Hello sir.
    Please give me information about the scholarship and how can I register at this scholarship. Thanks

  3. My education is at the verge of collapsing due to the inastability in my country of origin,south sudan,i desparately need a scholarship please if i am to have a future.

  4. i have degree of engineering and i have master of computer science
    and deploma of 2 years of english language

  5. Thanks
    I would like to know how I can access a scholarship in international relations and diplomatic number is +256703568413

  6. i am studying in electrical and computer engineering in addis ababa institute of technology.
    i am thinking always to solve technological problems in africa and needs good performance in technology,so i needs your full scholarship.
    good hope with my god and my confidence!!!

  7. hello am smith mandera from Uganda am 25years I did ordinary diploma in electrical and due to failure to raise tution for further studies I stopped there but I so need to upgrade if I get a chance a sponsorship

  8. I\’m always hoping for scholarship
    And I want u to grant me this one if u need my contact you can email please

  9. Hello…I\’m looking for a scholarship… I want to further my studies… I did MATHEMATICS..economics and business studies at advanced level… I want to go to university but I don\’t have money

  10. I studied media specialists in public realation so i want to have master in international public REALATION …Wish to hear from you soon

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